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What is Ganban-yoku

In the mountains of ancient Japan, villagers would watch as the monkeys rested and relaxed on the volcanic stones surrounding the thermal pools.


As they say, “monkey see, monkey do,” people quickly realized the physical and mental benefits of Ganban-yoku, or stone bathing. Pocca Poca envelops guests in this ancient tradition.


Unlike the intense heat of a traditional sauna, Ganban-yoku gently warms the body. After the session, the body feels as if just got out of the hot spring. Feeling gently warm and deeply relaxed - hence the name stone bathing.


Post-session feelings will vary - Ganban-yoku can be a very personal — some comes to ease arthritic pain, other come to meditate, find the peace and quietness, many come to improve the quality of sleep


but more often than not it’s purely a sense of “ahhhhh.”


The Stones

The Ganban-yoku session is done on the mineral stones that are heated gently. Room feels like a warm day at the beach rather than the dry intense heat of the sauna. Making easy to spend 15 - 30 min per cycle.

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Ganban-yoku Foot Shiatsu Package 

Foot massage + Ganban-yoku 

Show your appreciation for your mom with our 60min Ganban-yoku session which includes a 25min foot Shiatsu(Pressure point massage) 

Total 60min


Mom's Japanese

Zen Getaway

Shiatsu Japanes massage + Ganban-yoku 

Escape to Japan. A traditional 60min Japanese Shiatsu Massage + 60 min Ganban-yoku to calm the mind and restore the body's optimal self. 

Total 120min


Mom and I,

Pocca Poca Spa Bliss

Relaxation  massage +

Private  Ganban-yoku for Two

Join your mom for a relaxing Pocca Poca Experience. Enjoy a 60min relaxation massage + 60min private Ganban-yoku.  

Total 120min


Offer ends May.20th
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