Pocca Poca brings Ganban-yoku to Winnipeg for many reasons. The most important is to introduce a comforting and traditional way to focus on relaxation, health, and wellness in Winnipeg's extreme climate. The soothing and profound warmth of Ganban-yoku provides participants with a healthful state of being both mentally and physiologically, through the use of an age-old Japanese practice. 
Mieko Morisawa, the founder of Pocca Poca, is the mother of beautiful triplet girls. Mieko lost her own mother while her mother was still quite young. After this loss, and with her own young family to consider, Mieko became much more conscious of the importance of physical & mental health and wellness in her life. Some of her mother's health concerns stemmed from stress, and not keeping her body and extremities warm. Mieko finds that Winnipeg's extreme winter cold and use of too much air conditioning in summer makes her body always cold, resulting in health concerns. Today's fast-paced environment is a constant source of pressure and stress. Ganban-yoku is a well-known thermal treatment in Japan for such health concerns. This relaxation treatment relieves physical and mental strain to give you that "Ahhhh". Mieko saw an opportunity to bring this traditional treatment to Winnipeg, not only for health and comfort in the extreme cold but also for year-round relaxation.

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