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triplets, healing, mindfulness

Mieko is one of the founders of Pocca Poca Spa.  She immigrated to Canada from Japan in 2006.
She is a mother to triplet girls and a baby girl now.
The biggest reason Mieko and her husband started is definitely Mieko's mom. She lost her mom in her 20's with cancer.
Her mother was a typical hard working mother who works for other people first and herself last.
In Japan, there’s a saying, that the kindest people live the shortest lives. When Mieko’s mother passed away, many people recited that phrase to give her comfort.
Mieko was devastated after the best mom she could ask for passed away and she began to think deeply about the quality of life, health and the importance of taking care of ourselves and each other.  
It isn’t fair that the nicest people live the shortest because they’re truly deserving of long, healthy and fulfilling lives.  
She still wishes that her mother could have given herself more priority...
Mieko restarted her life and started Pocca Poca Spa for her health and her future, in a bid to keep her children away from the same sadness that she had to live through and to share this approach to a self-care lifestyle to people who live in Winnipeg. 
With Pocca Poca, Mieko and Tomo hope to inspire a lifestyle movement in a space where taking care of yourself is encouraged and celebrated.
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