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Hydrate again and repeat the process

Start by lying down on your stomach for 15-30 min

Rest in the lounge to cool down and hydrate

Lie on your back for another 15-25 min

1. Please arrive 20 minutes before your session starts to undergo the orientation + have time to get changed. You will be given instructions and a quick tour. Please bring one large towel, one small towel, and your own water bottle. We will provide a locker + key, Ganban-yoku outfits, and sandals.


2. After changing into the outfit provided, proceed to the heating room. To begin the session, place the large towel on the bed, then lie down on top of it. We recommended starting on your stomach for 15-30 minutes. This way, the body warms up quicker by increasing the organ activities. It boosts the metabolism and helps to generate more heat within the body. Please use a face towel as a pillow to avoid putting your face directly onto the heated floor, since the skin is much more sensitive.


3. After your first period of lying on the stones, step out into the cooling lounge and hydrate well until you feel ready to go back in. We recommend 3-5 minutes of resting, but this varies person-to-person. Listen to your body and cycle through the rooms accordingly!

When you feel ready, go back into the heating room. This time lie down on your back for another 15 - 25min. Please use the wicker pillow or small towel to avoid direct contact between your head and the heated floor. 


5. Simply repeat the process until the time is up. Make sure that you're lying down in a way that's most comfortable for you.


6. Pat your sweat dry using the face towel for silky skin and hair, get changed, and return the locker key to the front desk.


Please consult with your physician prior to your session if  anything listed below applies to you: 

-Taking medications

- Pacemaker / Defibrillator

- Implants

- Insensitivity to Heat

- Chronic conditions / Diseases associated with a reduced

ability to sweat or perspire

- Cardiovascular condition

Please refrain from using Ganban-yoku if you have/you are 

- Under the influence of drugs or alcohol

- Pregnant

- Fever/Cold

- Hemophilia

- Recent joint injury (within 72 hours), enclosed infection, or wounds from surgical operation or surgery

Spa Etiquette & Rules

Please be aware of the spa rules below: 

- No use of phone or chatting in the main Ganban-yoku room to respect the silent policy

- No perfume or cologne during Ganban-yoku sessions

- Refrain from using loud voices inside the spa

- Visitors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian

- Children must be 13 years or over

- Stay clothed in the outfit at all times during your Ganban-yoku session

*Please know that Pocca Poca may refuse services if rules are not followed*


What to Bring 

Pocca Poca will provide clients with a comfortable, two-piece kimono style outfit. Please read below for items you should bring with you depending on your needs.

  •  1 large towel (bath towel)

  •  1 small towel (facial towel)

  •  1 water bottle

If you forget or didn't bring them, rental towels are available for $3, and water is available to refill bottles

Typically, the outfit is worn over underwear. As the sweat from the session is odorless, once it dries, it does not leave any smell. If you feel uncomfortable, please feel free to bring extra underwear to change into.  


*Towels and water bottle will not be provided for the session. Disposable underwear is available for $1.00

Showers are available in the change room, but since we do not recommend taking a shower after the session, please bring your bath towel if you wish to take one after the treatment. 

*Rental towels for the shower are available for $3.00 

*Please keep the outfit on in the facility at all times*

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