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Please consult with your physician before if you have any condition listed below: 

-Taking Medications

- Pacemaker / Defibrillator

- Implants

- Insensitivity to Heat

- Chronic Conditions / Diseases Associated With A Reduced

Ability To Sweat Or Perspire

Please refrain from using Ganban-yoku if you have/you are 

- Under the influence of alcohol

- Pregnant

- Cardiovascular condition

- Fever 

- Recent Joint Injury (within 72hrs), enclosed infection or wounds from surgical operation or surgery.

- Experiencing menstruation (may temporarily increase the menstrual flow)

What To Bring 

Pocca Poca will provide clients to change into a unique kimono style outfit. Please read below for items you should bring with you depending on your needs.

- Change of underwear. *Disposable underwear is available for $1.00

- As we do not recommend taking a shower after the session, please bring your bath towel if you wish to take a shower after the treatment. *Rental is available for $2.00. 

- Feel free to wear a swimsuit under the outfit if you feel uncomfortable with just the provided outfit. *Avoid wearing pieces with the metal inside as it could become hot.

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