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Toji means healing through bathing in Japanese. This healing practice has been practiced for hundreds of years by people in Japan - including samurai and monks. In the effort to improve the immune system through thermal therapy people travel to stay where there is a natural thermal resources - Hot springs and Ganban-yoku. Vistors typically spend few weeks to a month at the time in this region to heal body and mind. Toji is still practiced by many to this date. 



Toji Membership is to incorporate the thermal healing through Ganbann-yoku. During the weekday membership gives you unlimited access to the facility for $5.00 a visit each time. The consecutive sessions help to improve internal organ function by increasing the core temperature as far-infrared rays released from the natural stone beds gently raise core temperature. People suffering from a poor digestion can experience much-improved bowel movement days after the session. Healthy guts not only help with the detox but can improve the immune system and mental health as well. Ganban-yoku also helps improve sleep quality, ease joint pain and reduce the stress level.


3 x 60min Ganban-yoku session in 10days


Click here to learn more about the Ganban-yoku here

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