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Pocca Poca's Holiday Gift of 2022
Image by Chad Madden
Image by Chad Madden
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Ganban-yoku (60 min)

Simple but the most powerful 1 hour of healing experience!  

Ganban-yoku is an ancient practice to heal us from modern stress and pain. 


-60 min Ganban-yoku (Japanese Detox stone treatment)


Price for 1 person


Price for 2 people
in a private suite

Ganban plus Head and Shoulders  (60 min)

Healing from Head to Soul!

If you're looking for full body-mind-spirit well-being, this is the right gift for your loved ones. 


-15 min or 25 min Head and shoulders massage during 
60 min Ganban-yoku (Japanese Detox stone treatment)



Price for 1 person with 15 min H & S massage


Price for 1 person with 25 min H & S massage
Acupressure Neck Massage

Premium Ganban-yoku Course (90 min)

This option includes 15min facial & Scalp massage and 15min Foot Shiatsu Massage can relieve tension and improve circulation while you are relaxing on a Mineral heated stone bed.  

-90 min Ganban-yoku (Japanese Detox stone treatment)

+15 min Facial & 15 Foot massage 


Price for 1 person


Price for 2 people
in a private suite
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Ultimate Japanese Detox Package  (120 min)

Pocca Poca's  Game-Changing, Self-Care Retreat gift for your loved ones. 

Being able to take care of every part of yourself, in a holistic way. 

-60 min Shiatsu massage
-60 min Ganban-yoku +choice of 25 min Head or foot massage while you are lying down on the heated mineral stone


Price for 1 person


Price for 2 people
in a private suite

Pocca Poca Glow Experience

 (120 min)

Awaken the beauty inside of you.

This option is a two-hour therapy for the full body and face which allows you to reconnect with nature as well as rejuvenate any tense muscles.

-60 min Japanese aroma therapeutic massage
-60 min Ganban-yoku (Japanese Detox stone treatment)

includes 25 min Gush facial massage + Japanese mask sheet in the heated stone


Price for 1 person


Price for 2 people
in a private suite
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Aroma & Facial Package

The Stones

The Ganban-yoku session is done on the mineral stones that are heated gently. The room feels like a warm day at the beach rather than the dry intense heat of the sauna. Making it easy to spend 15 - 30 min per cycle for all types of people.

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Best Sleep I've had in years

Yesterday was our first time here. My husband and I loved it. My husband had a shiatsu massage and I had the flora Hawaiian massage. We did the Ganban- Yoku experience. We loved it. The heat and warmth relieved all our sore muscles and aches. It was all so relaxing and amazing! I had the best sleep I have had in years last night. Can’t wait to come again! Thank you!

Amanda S

My New Wellness Routine

I am so grateful and overjoyed to have found Pocca Poca Spa. I have been trying many things over the past 2 years to help my body find relief from rheumatoid arthritis. I can say that I walked out feeling better than I walked in. I could feel the heat retained in my body after I left and was so relaxed. I look forward to building this into my wellness routine to ease into the cold winter months

Pam M, 

Unreal Experience

This is easily one of the most relaxing and refreshing physically and mentally, experiences that I have ever found. I got a minimum of once a month to help keep. My mind balances and my body feeling detoxified, soft and all-around well. I highly recommend this experience to anyone. The shiatsu massage is unreal. Do yourself a favor and give it a try.

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