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Ganban-yoku is a very popular form of thermal relaxation therapy in Japan. It uses rare stones found only in certain areas of the world; they release therapeutic warmth once they are heated and help relax the body & mind. The stones are embedded in comfortable smooth slab beds. Ganban-yoku can be enjoyed by itself or combine with massage therapy for added benefits. 

Many people compare the Ganban-yoku experience to relaxing on the beach on a warm day. What is unique about the treatment is the kind of sweat Ganban-yoku produces. Silky sweat is perspired during the session and does not have stickiness or smell, and we recommend to not take a shower after the treatment and to pat dry. This silky sweat acts as a natural lotion leaving your skin smooth, radiant and glowing.


The secret of the treatment is in the stones. We specially imported stones that naturally emit Far-Infrared rays (FIR) and negative ions. FIR gently and evenly warms the innermost part of the body. When the body temperature rises in this manner, it creates an environment to help balance out the nervous system and hormones. It also helps to reduce joint pain, muscle stiffness, boost natural immune systems and improve overall bodily function.



We have 3 rare stone to choose from in our main Ganban-yoku room. In our private room, we use premium volcanic stone.  Every stone releases FIR but has different and unique characteristics. 

In our main heating room, we have 


Used in China as a traditional medicine to heal wounds and burns on the skin. It is also used to purify water. 


Releases an electric charge when it is heated and loosens the trigger points in the body.​



This semi precious stone has been used by the Mayans, Egyptians, and other Africans peoples as a massage and meditation tool for over 5,000 years.

In the private room, we use premium stone


This volcanic stone found only in Kyushu Japan emits one of the highest rates of the Far Infrared Rays.

Gaban-yoku can be enjoyed alone or combining with Massage Therapy(MT). Interestingly, the combination can have different benefits just by alternating the order of treatments. Starting with Ganban-yoku first, MT can benefit from already softer and looser muscles. This allows the therapist to work on the thicker/deeper part of the tissues more easily and efficiently. On the other hand, doing Ganban-yoku after the MT helps to increase perspiration and further helps with the detox process. The metabolic waste removed from MT can be transferred further by improved circulation from the warmth of the stones. This also sends more blood supply and oxygen to replenish the muscles to help them recover.

*Regular Ganban-yoku session does not include massage, facial or foot pressure massage. Please see the package or Ganban-yoku + for Ganban-yoku with any additional services*




FIR released from stones dilates blood vessels and improves circulation of the body. Even the fingers and toes feel warm after the session.


A single session will be equivalent to 20 min of jogging. It can burn roughly

200 cal just by lying down. 


Deep and gentle heat from the stone slowly raises the core temperature. This promotes better digestion, relieves constipation and reduces stomach pain.


The treatment produces high-quality odorless sweat that can be patted dry. It mixes well with sebum secreted during the treatment and creates a natural lotion that keeps the skin moisturized and helps it glow.





Ganban-yoku helps to improve the quality of sleep by equally engaging sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. Some find it easier to fall asleep up to 5-7days after the session.



Ganban-yoku tunes the nervous system to help reduce stress, anxiety and mood swings. Ganban-yoku rooms are also great place to meditate. Allowing one to go deeper into meditative state easier.


FIR warmth reaches deep into the joints to help reduce pain in the area. It provides more blood and oxygen in the problem area to help with the recovery process.


 Increased blood flow by the deep and gentle heat boost the activities of internal organs such as liver and kidney. This enhances the body's natural ability to getting rid of excess waste, balancing electrolytes, and creating hormones.


Prolonged regular treatment keeps skin smooth and healthy. It also helps to maintain the proper skin cell turnover cycle. 


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This was our first visit here. My boyfriend was skeptical at first but after the Detox treatment, He felt relaxed + calm and refreshed. We both enjoyed the Shiatsu massage, she worked on pressure points. After the Ganban-yoku our skin felt soft. This was a total relaxation experience! A perfect way to de-stress!

ET + Me

I had just taught an hour 1/2 of Zumba which resulted in some pretty stressed joints & muscles. The Gabnan-yoku was the perfect way to wind down and relax. My aches are gone. This is my 3rd visit here and always such a pleasure and a lovely reminder of my many spa/hot spring visits while living in Japan. Thank you


These past few weeks have been very difficult for me. The exceptional service, interest in my well-being, and knowledge have granted me a safe place to allow new changes to be welcomed, and to release a past that no longer serves me. I believe attending Ganbn-yoku here for the week has aided in changing my path for the better. This is a very special place. I am forever grateful for its magic. 



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